Lighting For Your Wedding or Special Event

One of the most impressive and overlooked décor elements, when planning a wedding or other special event, is Event Lighting.  Lighting can completely transform a banquet hall or ballroom to a chic Event Space. Lighting has a very powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your venue.  Just as the music you have at your event will affect the overall mood of your guests…Event Lighting can do the same.

L.E.D. Up Lighting

One of the most popular and significant event lighting elements that you can use to enhance your special event space is Up Lighting.  Up Lighting can single-handedly transform your room into something special.  Up Lighting is also the most cost effective and dramatic lighting and décor element available.  And of course, it looks great in pictures. This element can turn candid moments during dancing into the beautiful event that you are looking for!

There are numerous reasons why we use L.E.D. Up Lighting.  They don’t get hot, they draw significantly less power, and colors can be changed at the push of a button.  Also, if connected together (which we do while many other companies do not) we can have all the lights change in sequence; this lets us have the whole room fading and changing colors (at varying speeds), or have the whole room’s colors changing to the beat of the music.  Not all L.E.D Up lights are created equal, at Music On The Move we only use the best to ensure that everything is flawless on your special day!

Custom Monogrammed and Standard GOBOs

A GOBO is a metal insert that goes into a specially designed lighting fixture to project an image. Your guests will be captivated when they see your event space completely transformed with this breathtaking effect. Simply put, this is an economical way to enhance your décor by making an event space that is uniquely yours. You have the choice of creating a personalized, custom GOBO or having a standard, stock GOBO.

Custom GOBO

A custom GOBO gives you the opportunity to have your monogram, name, event date, company logo or other design projected onto a wall, the dance floor, behind your head table, or onto the ceiling. We’ve even projected into the bottom of a swimming pool. You are able to choose the image, font, style, and layout; you are only limited by your own creativity. Make the choice to create a unique focal point and exclusive photo opportunity by adding a custom GOBO to your special event.

Standard GOBO

Does your venue have a large, blank space? Transform it into something beautiful with a standard GOBO.

This sensational lighting feature allows you to create visual interest in your space by projecting stock patterns around your room. This décor enhancing feature enables you to display a large design on your dance floor, ceiling, or walls. This is a spectacular way to differentiate and bring focus to specific areas of your event space. We offer patterns that go hand in hand with many themes and will complement the rest of your décor. Take your space to the next level and raise the impact of your event’s design.